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Jessie Ka is a Danish artist.
She combines the best elements from pop music, dusty guitars, retro synths with soft nordic vocals and a strong storytelling.

Jessie Ka uses songwriting as a form of diary, this makes up for some very personal songs inspired by her life.
Jessie Ka is the story of the girl who grew up feeling like the misfit that never really fit in anywhere. This theme is presented throughout here songs and she invites us all along on the journey of accepting ourselves, and giving less fucks about what other people this of us.

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Jessie Ka latest release “Wildfire”  is an energetic electro-pop track. The song is about being brave and daring to go your own way, but the singer’s own courage was a long time coming.

lets go back in time a few years. On the surface everything was as it should be. She finished here education, she had the job of her dreams and had just received a promotion with a new title – but still something was missing.

The music had always been an important part of her life; she has taken a degree in music from the university, worked as a booking manager at a music venue and spent all her free time writing and playing music, but it was a boundary-crossing decision for Jessie Ka to become a solo artist.

“Wildfire was written at a time in my life when I actually really wanted to pursue music, but I wasn’t brave enough. It was mostly because I didn’t believe in myself enough and because I always worried too much about fitting in and doing what others expected of me. In the end it took all my energy because it felt like I had to be someone else all the time and put on a mask to fit into the image I had created of who I should be be”. The music gave Jessie Ka the opportunity to put into words some of the insecurities she herself went through, but for her “Wildfire” also became an optimistic song, which she wrote in the hope of giving herself courage before she actually believed in it.

“It was a way of manifesting my dreams, I think. So I hope that the song can give others inspiration to leap into their own dreams” – Jessie Ka.

Wildfire is an uplifting electropop song with lots of power. The song’s energy comes from gushing synth surfaces and pulsating arpeggiators, which give associations to e.g. Daft Punk’s or other forms of hyper-pop – giving the track an uplifting, epic universe. The chorus repeates the mantra of the song “I can’t get it out my mind, maybe I should try, to live before I die”.